The freight management system we provide automates despatch, delivery and related customer service, costing and accounting functions, it provides a controlled view for you and your customers. It outperforms carrier and other enterprise based Despatch Systems because it operates in the cloud and is available on your browsers right now.

Multiple carriers in one system

Company branded connotes

Track and trace, retrieve POD’s

Progress reports

Rate and lead time calculator

Carrier cost reports

Customise reports to suit your needs

Freight management system accessible via internet anywhere, anytime

Interface with ERP or WMS system


It is an established product and yet, because of constant upgrading, it uses the very latest technology in terms of software, databases, operating systems and hardware.  We can provide the whole package including logistic management, despatch, customer service, accounts and finance and IT.  These tools we provide to our clients at no extra cost.  One system for all senders, see every transaction as it happens, brand your own consignment notes, central view saves customer service by 70-90%